Definition of Photography: Date: 1839: the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface.


What we do? We shoot to print.  We capture images that will speak to your clients.   Images that will draw the clients eye and capture the very essence of your brand.  We are light obsessed.  We understand the technical processes that are required for a perfect sales image.  We understand commercial Photography can take hours if needed.  50% technical and 50% creative.  Both processes are key to the success of an energetic ad photo.  Our commercial stylists combined with our photoshop editor whether it be preparing food,product or models have years of experience presenting exquisite photography.


Why the best equipment? It’s so important to have sharp, crisp and excellent exposure for print and web advertising.  We are meticulous with our light and composition.  Therefore, good equipment is necessary and vital.  Astudio productions understands the need for great quality and hands on team players that will bring forth a great photograph.   Please refer to our equipment list and know that our studio is portable at all times.



Composition? Perspective is key.   We are very thorough and we ask questions.  This helps us in understanding our clients desire and need for their sales print material when it comes to photography.  We listen.  We contemplate and we serve.   We want to know what your printing needs are…”for a brochure, a trade show, a mass publication ad, a pop display for mass distribution?”  Whatever the case, we take the project further.  We  shoot your images with the mindset of knowing exactly where this image will serve your brand the best in print and/or web.

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